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The Forest-School Latemar – Training centre for forestry, hunting and environment

The Forest School Latemar is a training- and professional development centre for the areas of forestry, wood processing, hunting and environment. The educational institution, which is run by the Provincial Domainian Forest Administration since 1973, has been thoroughly renovated during the past couple of years and has been re-opened again in October 2006. Also the hunting training, which earlier had been provided from 1983 until 2006 by the Hunting School Hahnebaum, has become integrated
The forest school is surrounded by about 1000 ha of conifer forest belonging to the Provincial Domainian Forest Administration and situated next to the Sawmill Latemar, thus it offers the necessary preconditions for practical courses, conferences, excursions and training courses. The training centre is situated at 25 km distance from the provincial capital Bozen / Bolzano.

The modern training building – a wood frame construction – disposes of two lecture rooms, instructor rooms, a laboratory and its own cafeteria (dining hall). The guest house is connected by an underground tunnel to the training building. In ten two-bed respectively three-bed rooms it can accommodate up to 23 people.