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The Multilingual Centre has a patrimony of over 18,000 hard copy and multimedia titles in German, Italian, Ladin, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, etc. The resources are available on loan or for consultation at the centre, thanks to PC stations with access to specific internet sites (podcast and links for language learning), television rooms DVD readers and satellite channel reception, as well as iPod listening booths.


At the Multilingual Centre, resources are divided into different areas, on two floors:

At the Multilingual Centre, resources are divided into different areas, on two floors:
Kids corner
  1. Language sections (Deutsch - italiano - ladin - English - français - español - português - عربي - русский язык –汉语) with didactic material for autonomous learning: language courses and workbooks, graded readers and exercises for reading, listening, speaking and writing skills, grammar books and dictionaries, comics, magazines, literary texts and audio books, language resources for specific purposes, material for the teaching or learning of the Italian language for migrants. It’s also possible to loan Nintendo consoles with language games and iPods with podcasts divided by language and level;
  2. Within the language sections there are updated materials for the preparation of language certificates. The Office for Bilingualism and Foreign Languages organizes the exams DELF Scolaire certificates for students and DELF/DALF certificates for adults, together with Alliance Française Verona.
  3. Kids corner, is a colorful corner dedicated to smaller children, with books, animated cartoons, audio books, songs and many different languages to play with!
  4. The space dedicated to language counselling and self-learning (column room), where a language tutor will help you to understand the autonomous language learning, while taking in consideration your strengths and specific goals (listen or download the podcast).
  5. The specialized section, which focuses on multilingualism, autonomous learning, language counselling, early learning of other languages and learning in adult age. This section also includes a collection of degree and doctorate theses on multilingualism;
  6. The space dedicated to the linguistic exchange and the meetings of the project Linguistic Volunteering.
     Im Parterre

    Between the Multilingual Centre Bolzano and the Multimedia Language Centre Merano there is a regular interlibrary loan service that allows to borrow the respective materials from both locations. Interlibrary loan is also active towards other local and national libraries, download the rules here (text available in German).

    Here you will find the Mission, the User requirements of the Multilingual Centre and the registration form that you can print, fill in and deliver to the Centre or send by e-mail or fax 0471 303406 attaching a copy of the identity document.

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