Learn languages ​​with Podcasts

Learn languages ​​with Podcasts

Train your listening comprehension: it's flexible and fun!

The information below are designed to help you understand the world of podcasts.

The term podcast comes from the combination of the terms iPod and broadcast. It is an audio or video file available on the Internet that can be downloaded to a PC or mobile device. Podcast episodes can cover a wide variety of topics: Current news, cooking recipes, travel stories, movie or book reviews, or language courses.

Quite simple in terms of technology but equally versatile in terms of usability, podcasts can become a valuable learning tool that follow us in our daily activities ( while going to work, travelling on a train, waiting at a bus stop, etc.).

Listening to dialogs in the original language allows us to get familiar with pronunciation and intonation and to learn new words but also to learn about the culture and customs of another country. Many podcast apps have also the option to slow down audio playback, a feature that can be extremely useful especially for beginners.

Many podcasts for language learning include transcription of the text, thus facilitating comprehension by listening and reading at the same time.

There are free and paid podcasts. The offer is so vast that it is easy to find an interesting topic in the language we want to learn.

But how to find the right podcast?

  • through streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple podcasts, Spreaker, Audible, Google Podcasts, and Storytel)
  • through special podcast apps for mobile devices
  • on blogs and websites

Other language podcast options can be found in the online Resources section.

Finally, booking a consulting session with language tutors at the Multilingual Center in Bolzano and the Multilingual Media Library in Merano is possible to get more information on podcast use and potential.