Cinema and languages

Film screening is currently suspended due to the Covid-19 emergency

Cinema and languages

The Multilingual Centre and Multimedia Language Centre, in collaboration with Centro Studi "A. Palladio", offer a language opportunity: every week, films in the original language (English, German, French and Spanish) will be screened with subtitles in that language.

Each film is introduced by a native speaker who will also distribute a glossary of key terms and phrases from the film. After watching you can stay and discuss your impressions with the other viewers in the same language as that of the film.

Users of the Multilingual Centre, Multimedia language centre and Centro Studi "A. Palladio" can enter for free.


  • Multilingual Centre (Thursdays, 6pm)
    via Cappuccini, 28 - Bolzano
    Tel. 0471 300789
  • Centro per la Cultura (Tuesdays, 6pm)
    Via Cavour, 1 - Merano
    Tel. 0473 230128
  • Biblioteca Endidae (Thursdays, 6pm)
    Piazza F. Bonatti, 2/1 - Egna
    Tel. 0471 82029