Eldit - Dictionary

What is ELDIT?

The program is a useful tool for anyone wishing to learn Italian or German. ELDIT is an acronym means "Electronic dictionary for Italian-German learners", designed especially for computer use and which contains important information especially for those who learn a foreign language:

  • Simple definitions, lexicographical examples and translations.
  • Frequent and typical word combinations with translations and numerous examples.
  • Common saying.
  • Word families from the same root.
  • Graphs illustrating the relationships of meaning between words.
  • Tables with inflected words.
  • Simple and advanced search (spell check, search for multiple words, search for inflected words.

ELDIT is located at:http://eldit.eurac.edu and is a EURAC project also funded by the provincial administration - Office for Bilingualism and Foreign Languages of the 15 Division Italian Culture and the Permanent Education Office of the Division 14 Culture German and family.