Common Framework of Reference for Languages and European Language Portfolio

Development in Europe

The European Language Portfolio (ELP) and the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEF) were conceived and developed by the European Council between 1998 and 2000.

The European Language Portfolio aims, inter alia, to preserve multilingualism in Europe, strengthen intercultural awareness, promote democratic and pluralistic society and increase economic and personal mobility within Europe.

It streamlines international comparability of language skills, promotes student autonomy and supports independent and reflective access to language learning.

Currently there are 127 versions of the Portfolio put in place by many European countries; they concern children, adolescents and adults, but are also addressed to migrant women, teachers and translators.

Further Information – Council of Europe (External Link)

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European Language Portfolio for schools in South Tyrol

A European Language Portfolio has been developed in South Tyrol for primary and secondary schools. It takes into account the students’ peculiar multilingualism and multiculturalism situations. To receive information, please contact the German Education and Training Direction (Deutschen Bildungsressort) in via Amba Alagi 10, Bolzano.