Momumental bas-relief at the Gerichtsplatz/piazza del Tribunale

Momumental bas-relief at the Gerichtsplatz/piazza del Tribunale, Foto LPA-Oskar Verant

Gerichtsplatz/piazza del Tribunale, Bozen (Bolzano)

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“Nobody has the right to obey“: This quotation of the political theorist and journalist Hannah Arendt (1906–1975) shines on the Mussolini-relief of the financial building in place Gerichtsplatz/Piazza del Tribunale in Bozen/Bolzano since the end of 2017. It opposes itself to the nature of a command of the fascist monument and the motto „Credere, obbedire, combattere“ (english: „believe, obey, fight“). The quotation, realized by the artists Arnold Holzknecht and Michele Bernardi, was also completed by detailed explanations drawn up by a commission of historians and wants to redefine the monumental relief of the artist Hans Piffrader of Klausen/Chiusa (1888-1950) and to make it a place of learning.


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