South Tyrol Mining Museum - Site Schneeberg

Schneeberg, open-air area. Foto Armin Terzer

Mine to visit, Moos in Passeier
Tel.: +39 348 3100443

Mid of June-Mid of Oct
Guided tours, booking required (+39 348 3100443)

Alpine Refuge Tel.: +39 0473 932900

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Miners for centuries dug for ore on the Schneeberg, first with sledgehammers and picks, later with heavy equipment. The miners’ settlement was on occasion home to up to 1,000 people, totally isolated far above the treeline. Europe’s highest permanent settlement remained inhabited until the 1960s. Today, an unimaginable 150 km of tunnels penetrate the mountain. Above ground, the intensive mining operations have permanently changed and reshaped the landscape.
The Schneeberg site and the miners’ settlement of St. Martin is located at 2,355 metres above sea level and is only accessible on foot.


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