Learn languages ​​with Podcasts

Learn languages ​​with Podcasts

Train your listening comprehension: flexible and funny!

The FAQs below are designed to help you understand the world of podcasts.

Podcasts (iPod-broadcast) are series of audio, video or text episodes that can be downloaded from the Internet. These may be episodes of radio or television recordings, conferences, events or language courses.

The files can be downloaded to your own computer, to a mobile phone or other portable device. For this a suitable program must be used (ITunes) and an application software (Podcatcher); From some pages, the files can also be downloaded directly.

Podcasts are a great tool for listening to dialogues in the original language by choosing the topic that interests you most. The offer is so vast that it is easy to find an interesting topic in the language we want to learn!

In addition, in particular podcasts aimed at learning languages, are equipped with text transcription, thus facilitating comprehension through listening and reading at the same time. Another advantage of podcasts is the ability to slow down the speed of dialogue (with the Apple Podcast App)

This site (there is also the App) has a huge database of Podcasts from different sources. You can search by topic and then filter the language you are looking for.

By opening ITunes on your computer you can change the language setting by clicking on the flag at the bottom right corner. At this point, by searching for Podcast, you can search for the topic that interests us most.

News in Slow…
Languages: French (Link esterno), German (Link esterno), Spanish (Spain (Link esterno) o Latin America) (Link esterno), Japanese (Link esterno), Russian (Link esterno)
Duration: 10 minutes (1-2 minutes for Russian and Japanese)
Level: Beginner, intermediate, advanced

BBC offers news in English and many other languages:
Arabic (Link esterno), Bangla (Link esterno), Burmese (Link esterno), Cantonese (Link esterno), Cornish (Link esterno), Dari (Link esterno), French (Link esterno), Hausa (Link esterno), Hindi (Link esterno), Indonesian (Link esterno), Jerriais (Link esterno), Kyrgyz (Link esterno), Nepali (Link esterno), Pashto (Link esterno), Persian (Link esterno), Scottish Gaelic (Link esterno), Sinhala (Link esterno), Somali (Link esterno), Swahili (Link esterno), Tamil (Link esterno), Urdu (Link esterno), Uzbek (Link esterno), Welsh (Link esterno)
Duration: Variable
Level: Intermediate, advanced

RFI (Link esterno) - Radio France Inter offers podcasts in French and news in different languages:
Cambodian, English, Farsi, French, Hausa, Khmer, Mandarin, Mandinka, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swahili, Vietnamese
Duration: Variable
Level: Intermediate, advanced

In the Multilingual Centre in Bolzano and the Multimedia Centre in Merano you can get further information on how to use podcast for language learning.

Some of our proposals of linguistic podcasts are available on this website.