Courses, exams and study materials

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Italian and German courses

For several years, A1 and A2 (according to the Common European Framework of Reference CEFR), Italian and German courses have been made available to migrants. Courses are offered to students aged 16 and over, who come from non-EU countries. They have a duration of 40 hours, are free of charge and can be set-up across the province, provided that no less than 8 students have signed up.

Italian courses are funded by the Office for Bilingualism and Foreign Languages of the Italian Culture Department, and take place atalpha beta piccadilly, (Externer Link) azb by cooperform, (Externer Link) A. Palladio (Externer Link) and Voltaire.

German courses are funded by the Permanent Education Office of the German Culture Department and organized byalpha beta piccadilly, azb by cooperform (Externer Link) and VHS.

Additional courses are available - see proposals

Italian language proficiency exam

Since January 2011, foreign citizens from non-EU countries who apply for a long-term EC residence permit are required to pass an Italian language proficiency test.

The test assesses proficiency in listening, reading and writing. Test samples with answer key, as well as registration information, contacts and other useful material are available at this link.

You can also download "Permesso?” and accompanying audio material containing exam preparation exercices.

Study material

Additional preparation material is available online or at the Language Learning Centres.